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"There has never been a better time to buy a new home."

House Under Construction

The first quarter of 2012 was strong for new homes sales. We feel as though, this success is do in part to the evolution of our building envelope to ENERGY STAR. standards, spectacular new standard finishes and the expanded list of upgrades that make our homes stand out from the rest. The incredibly low interest rates make affording a home even easier. The average 30 year fixed mortgage rate since 1945 has been 9%. The rate today is less than 4%. On a $300,000 loan, this lower rate (4% versus 9%) can save $12,000 a year or over $353,000 over the life of the loan! There has never been a better time to buy a new home. And, as the economy starts to recover, interest rates will jump and a once in a lifetime opportunity will be gone. Don't miss out!

For more information use our online mortgage calculator to see what impact low interest rates have on what you can afford.

For more information call/text Courtney at 970.418.4900.

If you already own a home and are concerned about being able to sell it ...

Consider converting your existing home to a rental / investment property. This is a great long-term investment strategy that takes advantage of historic low interest rates on both your new home and your rental/investment property. We have identified programs for home buyers that want to convert their existing home to a rental / investment property, then buy a new home in Wellington.

Front Yard

Down payment a concern?

There are programs that can help...

If you need some help with your down payment there are low interest, 2nd Mortgage loans available to purchase a primary residence. Borrower must contribute 1% of purchase price or $1000, whichever is greater, of personal funds. Adults in the household are required to attend the free “Home Buyer Class” presented by The Combined Summit Housing Authority prior to closing. An application fee may be required and repayment schedules vary on each program.

Summit Revolving Loan Fund
No interest for first 2 years
Loan amount up to $10,000
3% interest rate for 7 year term
Monthly payments deferred for 2 years
Income limits 81% to 160% of Area Median Income (AMI)

Division of Housing down payment assistance
Loan amount up to $25,000
3% interest rate for 20 year term
Monthly payment
Low Income limit...approx. 75% of AMI

No interest for first 2 years
Loan amount up to $25,000
5% equity share on appreciation with no monthly payment
Income limits not to exceed 160% AMI

Note: Every program has specific rules and restrictions which vary considerably based upon the home being purchased and the buyer’s unique circumstances. With assistance from experienced, local mortgage lenders we can identify exactly which programs you qualify for and compare which offer the best value. Rates & Payments are approximate and subject to change.